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Meet Trevor

Trevor Mockel was born and raised in Redwood Valley, at the heart of Mendocino County’s 1st Supervisorial District. Trevor was inspired to pursue public service at a young age, as he experienced firsthand the challenges and opportunities that come with living in a rural community. He attended Ukiah High School and then went on to pursue higher education at Mendocino Community College, where he earned an associate degree. Trevor transferred to Sacramento State University, where he successfully graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice. 

Right out of college, Trevor was hired to work on policy issues in Sacramento.  It was here that he gained invaluable experience and honed his skills in policy analysis, the intricate workings of government, and public advocacy. 

In 2019, Trevor returned to his roots in Mendocino County. He accepted a position as a Data Analyst for First Five of Mendocino County, where he contributed his expertise to support early childhood programs. This work led him to a role in Mendocino County Public Health, where he drafted vital policies and procedures for the Emergency Operations Center aimed at disaster response and relief. When the Public Information Officer position became vacant, Trevor stepped up to fill the role, demonstrating his adaptability and commitment to our community.

Trevor's dedication to his work did not go unnoticed. CA State Senator Mike McGuire recognized his accomplishments and offered him the opportunity to become a Field Representative for his Ukiah-based Field Office. In this position, Trevor represented the Senator and his office in five different counties, advocating for the needs of the regional community and working tirelessly to address our regions and neighbor’s concerns.

Trevor brings not only a wealth of experience but also a burning passion for serving our community. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to making positive change, and he looks forward to continuing his work in the years to come. 

In his free time he enjoys hiking, camping, and reading. Trevor is proud to have earned his Eagle Scout badge in his youth, and loves to take walks with his dog Loki. 

A Bright Future Ahead

Trevor Mockel decided to run for First District Supervisor because he cares deeply about his hometown and region, and wants to take the knowledge and experience he has gained through his education and work to apply them for the betterment of Mendocino County. He firmly believes that without effective collaboration between different levels of government, Mendocino County will continue to repeat past mistakes. Through his work, Trevor has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by individuals and organizations in navigating the complex governmental systems. He is dedicated to enhancing the responsiveness of Mendocino County's government to the concerns of constituents, businesses, and organizations.

Trevor's passion for public service drives his commitment to chart a sustainable and prosperous future for the First District. He recognizes the delicate balance needed between preserving the rural communities' integrity and fostering economic growth. Trevor is committed to facilitating collaboration among relevant parties to address the challenges faced by the region.

A top priority for Trevor is ensuring that families and young people have opportunities for economic development, jobs and housing in our region. Our largest industry is agriculture, and we must steward our land and water resources with an eye on sustainability and prosperity. Trevor believes that how we treat our most vulnerable populations truly defines our progress in the community. Trevor recognizes the need to protect our open space, farms, rivers, and forests for future generations to enjoy, and also sees the economic engine that they are in today’s tourism and visitor economy.

Trevor understands the challenges Mendocino County residents face, and is committed to working collaboratively, listening attentively, and diligently moving towards a brighter future for all. With his passion, dedication, and determination, Trevor Mockel is ready to serve the First District and to make a lasting impact on Mendocino County. 

There is much to be done in the District and in Mendocino County. Please send me an email with your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you! 

The Future Depends on Us!

Trevor Mockel for Mendocino County First District Supervisor 2024 FPPC#1465465
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